Backing Up Your Data Your Worship LIVE! Data
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A Worship LIVE! installation includes the software, your customized settings, and your song and playlist files.

Although we recommend that all computer users back up their entire hard drive regularly, we recognize that this is impractical for some users. To preserve your Worship LIVE! data, you should consider backing up at least your song and playlist files, and if possible you can also back up your customized settings. You should not need to back up your Worship LIVE! software (in the Program Files folder), because it is simplest and most reliable to simply reinstall the software from your CD or downloaded files.

To back up your song files and playlist files, you should copy those to some external device, such as a writeable CD, a thumb drive, or a USB hard drive. You can quickly back up your main database by running Worship LIVE! and selecting Edit:Export:Entire Database for Sharing. You can later restore this single file into a complete database by selecting a similar option from the Edit:Import menu. However, this will only back up songs in the current database, and will not back up your playlist files.

Your settings are stored in the Windows Registry, and we do not recommend that non-expert computer users attempt to access the Registry directly. If you understand the risks and wish to do this manually, you can read this topic about registry entries made by the Worship LIVE! software.

However, in addition to the Registry, our software copies all its registry settings to a backup file each time you exit the program. You can find this file quickly by opening the program, selecting Edit:Preferences and clicking the General tab, and clicking "Open Log Folder". In that folder you will find a file titled "WorshipLIVE6_Settings_Backup.reg"; this is a Registry-compatible file containing all of the settings used by the program. You can back up this file just like any other file.

To restore your Worship LIVE! settings, you can simply double-click this file; Windows will ask you if you want to enter all this information into the Windows Registry. If you click Yes, all your settings will be restored to their values as of the time this file was created. (Note that the unlock information stored in this file is specific to your computer: you cannot transfer this file to another computer or restore it to a new Windows installation without needing to unlock again. Also note that this procedure will OVERWRITE all your current Worship LIVE! settings with the settings stored in the file.)

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