Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) Interface
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Several of Worship LIVE's features can be activated by other programs using DDE (Dynamic Data Exchange). Windows can use DDE to direct a program to carry out certain actions, such as open and print files. The DDE commands are typically entered under the "View:Folder Options:File Types" dialog in Windows. You can also use certain other programs to send DDE commands to the program. Worship LIVE! understands the following DDE commands:

   This opens the selected song file or playlist file in Worship LIVE, just as if it had been opened from within the program. Opening a song file will cause Worship LIVE! to open the database in the song file's folder first, then open and display the song. Opening a playlist will open the database on which the playlist is based first, before adding all the selected songs to the playlist.
PRINT %1   This opens the selected song file or playlist file in Worship LIVE, and then prepares to print the song or playlist. You must still click the Print button to confirm you want the file printed.
PLAYLIST %1   This adds the selected song files to the playlist already open in Worship LIVE. If no playlist is open, a new one will be created. If the song is already on the playlist, no change will be made.
PROJECT %1   This loads and projects the specified item.
QUIT or EXIT   This tells Worship LIVE! to exit, if it can do so automatically. If a playlist or song that are open have not been saved, the program will ask before exiting.

To use these commands from Windows, right-click a database, song, announcement or playlist file. The popup menu that appears should contain options to use these files in Worship LIVE. The program automatically tells Windows how to use these functions for Worship LIVE! files. If the popup menu choices do not appear when you right-click a Worship LIVE! file from Windows, or if they do not work properly, then open the General preferences, and click the Register file types with Windows button at the lower left.   

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