Restoring Your Worship LIVE! Data
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To restore a Worship LIVE! installation, the fastest and most reliable way is to simply reinstall the software from your CD or downloaded installation program. We do not recommend that you try to back up and restore your Program Files folder, as the software will not run properly without a formal installation routine.

If you used the Export:Entire Database for Sharing option to back up your song files, you can restore this single file into a complete database by selecting Edit:Import:Entire Database for Sharing. This will restore any songs from that database - but only that database.

If you copied your songs and playlists to a CD or other external media, simply copy them back to your My Documents folder, or wherever else you want them. You may need to open a database from the File menu inside the Worship LIVE! software after you have restored the files.

NOTE: if you are restoring song files or playlists from a writeable CD, you may experience difficulties with saving or printing songs or playlists. This is because Windows typically marks files written to CD as "Read Only", and will not let Worship LIVE! (or any other program) change them after they are restored. To fix this problem, find your song database folder, right-click on it, select "Properties", and click the "Read Only" checkbox until it is not shaded or checked, and click "OK". Windows will then ask if you want to apply that change to this folder only; click "Apply changes to this folder, subfolders and files" and click "OK". This will remove the "Read Only" attribute. You can also use this technique on any playlists or individual song files.

You can restore your Worship LIVE! settings from a backed up "WorshipLIVE5_Settings_Backup.reg" file, by simply double-clicking this file; Windows will ask you if you want to enter all this information into the Windows Registry. If you click Yes, all your settings will be restored to their values as of the time this file was created. (Note that the unlock information stored in this file is specific to your computer: you cannot transfer this file to another computer or restore it to a new Windows installation without needing to unlock again. Also note that this procedure will OVERWRITE all your current Worship LIVE! settings with the settings stored in the file.)

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