System Files
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The following DLL and system files are required by Worship LIVE, and may be installed in the Windows System folder when the program is installed (existing up-to-date files will not be re-installed or overwritten):

Special Worship LIVE! files:
ptrue.dll (PhotoTrue DLL)
ptrue52.dll (PhotoTrue wrapper DLL)
ccrpbds5.dll (CCRP Browse Dialog Server ActiveX Control)
ccrpprg.ocx (CCRP Progress Bar ActiveX Control)
ccrptmr.dll (CCRP Precision Timer library)
wspell.ocx (WSpell ActiveX Spelling Checker Control)
midiio32.ocx (MIDI input control)
midiio32.oca (MIDI input control)

Standard Microsoft files:
richtx32.ocx (Microsoft Rich Text Box ActiveX Control)
riched20.dll (Microsoft Rich Text Box DLL)
mscomctl.ocx (Microsoft Common Controls library ActiveX Control)
comdlg32.ocx( Microsoft Common Dialog 32 ActiveX Control)
mci32.ocx (Microsoft Multimedia Controls ActiveX Control)
msvcrt.dll (Microsoft Visual C Runtime library)
mfc42.dll (Microsoft Foundation Classes library)
olepro32.dll (Microsoft Object Linking and Embedding library)
picclp32.ocx (Microsoft Picture Clip 32 ActiveX Control)
MSVBVM50.DLL (Microsoft Visual Basic 5 Virtual Machine DLL)

These files (even the ones installed by Worship LIVE!) may be used by other programs (perhaps installed after Worship LIVE!) and if you uninstall the program, should only be removed if you are certain they are not needed.

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