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Automation is a powerful tool for any church that frequently conducts "canned worship" or needs to provide worship audio and visuals for situations where live music is not feasible.

Using the automation features built into the Worship LIVE! software, you can actually set up a playlist to display any included item, in almost any order, launched by just one mouse-click. Audio and video files will be started at the right time, lyrics and scripture and announcements will be displayed at the right moment, and the flow can even be interrupted at preselected moments, just waiting for your mouse click to continue.

During the automation playback, you have total control over the flow, with the ability to skip ahead, stop and resume at any time, repeat parts of a song, and more.

The following topics are available:
·Automation on the Playlist  
·Setting Up A Song For Automation  
·Setting Up Non-Song Automation  
·Controlling the Flow of Automation  
·Setting Automation Defaults  

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