CCLI SongSelect Files
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Worship LIVE! supports CCLI SongSelect files (*.usr). These files can be downloaded from the CCLI web site, if you have a SongSelect Online subscription.

Obtaining CCLI SongSelect Files

If you have the SongSelect software, you probably have a large library of SongSelect files on your computer already.

If not, SongSelect Online offers you the ability to search a library of more than 70,000 songs, and each song contains full lyrics (but no chords), topics, copyright, composer, and other information. When you have found a particular song, you can save the song to a SongSelect file using this button on the CCLI search results web page:

After you click this button, your browser will ask you where to save the file. If you are importing the file for use with Worship LIVE, we recommend that you create and use a folder for the SongSelect files that you download, so you can find them again easily.

Using SongSelect files in Worship LIVE!

There are three ways to use SongSelect files in Worship LIVE.

·Simply drag them from your Windows desktop into the library. Worship LIVE! will offer to import them, or:  

·From the library, select Edit:Import:CCLI SongSelect Files.  

Both of these two methods will allow you to import these files as new songs in Worship LIVE. All the song properties will be included - lyrics (chords are not currently included), writer and composer, copyright information, topics, root key, and more. You can choose to import either one song or all the songs in a folder.

·From the Edit Song Information dialog, you can update or replace the song properties, by clicking the "Get from CCLI..." button. After you select a SongSelect file to import, the program will read the file and offer to either update or replace the files.  

If you select Update, then any missing information will be filled in, but no existing data will be replaced.  
If you select Replace, all the relevant information will be replaced - including the title.  
Please note that some information is not updated or replaced: the root key is not affected, since you may already have chords in the song; copies printed and projected are not affected, tempo is not affected, and the multimedia file association is not affected.  

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