CCLI Lookups
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PLEASE NOTE: CCLI searches no longer work properly in the Worship LIVE! software. CCLI disabled the features which supported the search, making it impossible for our software to properly connect and find the songs you want. You may still log in to the CCLI website manually, search for songs, and save the SongSelect files to disk, but it must be done outside the Worship LIVE! software. Please contact CCLI and request that they make it possible once again!

The information below is retained for historical purposes, and in case CCLI changes their policy in the future.

Worship LIVE! makes it easy to look up songs on the CCLI web site.

In order to use the CCLI web features, you must be a member of CCLI SongSelect Online. Please visit the CCLI web site at or the SongSelect web site at for details on signing up.  

If you want to find a new song, from the library, open the
Find menu and select Songs on the CCLI Web Site.

If you want to look up an existing song, such as to verify the song's lyrics or determine the composer or other song properties, open the song first. Then open the song's
Help menu and select Find this Song on CCLI...

In both cases, Worship LIVE! will ask your system's default web browser to open a web page (an HTML file) on your computer that will then contact the CCLI web site.

When you first use the CCLI web site each time you run this program, you will be required to log in with your CCLI user ID and password. Once you do this, you can simply repeat your request from this program and it will work as usual.  
IMPORTANT: From time to time, CCLI may modify their own web site, which may affect this program's ability to use the CCLI features automatically. Split Infinity Music is not related to CCLI, and therefore has no control over the CCLI web features. For these reasons the CCLI web interface is not guaranteed to operate properly. If the CCLI web features suddenly stop working, we suggest that you use the Check for CCLI Update option on the Help menu, or visit or and see if an updated web page template is available that may fix such a problem.

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