Exporting CCLI Summaries
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CCLI is a company that helps churches pay appropriate royalties to song copyright holders. For churches that are signed up with CCLI, periodic reports of song usage are required.

To assist you with this process, this program will export a list of all the songs that have been recently printed or projected. Select Edit:Export:CCLI Year-End Summary. You will be asked to confirm the program's choice of a filename. You will also be asked which format you would like: text only, or tab-delimited text. If you intend to import the data into a spreadsheet, you may wish to select the tab-delimited text. However, the basic text format is more easily readable from most text editors. Finally, you will be asked if you would like to reset all the Copies Printed and Copies Projected fields for each song to zero (Please note: you cannot undo this reset. However, the exported text file will contain all the data).

The exported file will look something like this:

CCLI Copies Printed Summary File  
Generated as of 1/10/2004  
Based on database stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\My Documents\Worship Songs\  
The following songs were printed or projected since  
the last CCLI Summary File was generated.  
Song Title                                                   CCLI Number    Copies Printed   Days Performed  
-                                                                 -                -           -  
The following songs were apparently not printed  
since the last CCLI Summary File was generated.  
Song Title                                                   CCLI Number    Copies Printed   Days Performed  
A Mighty Fortress Is Our God                                 123456                2                4   
All Creatures Of Our God And King                                 0                1                4   
All Hail The Power Of Jesus' Name                                 0                4                3   
Amazing Grace                                                     0                5                2   
And Can It Be That I Should Gain?                                 0                6                2   
Angels From The Realms Of Glory                                   0                2                2   
Are You Washed In The Blood?                                      0                11               3   
At The Cross                                                      0                3                2   
You can also reset the Copies Printed and Copies Projected fields in an individual song. Open the song's Edit menu, and select Song Info. At the bottom next to the Copies Printed and Copies Projected counts are buttons allowing you to reset these counters.

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