Exporting Song Usage Information
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CCLI is a company that helps churches pay appropriate royalties to song copyright holders. For churches that are signed up with CCLI, periodic reports of song usage are required.

Please visit http://www.ccli.com for more information.

To assist you with this process, this program includes a song usage calendar feature (this replaces the previous CCLI export function from version 6.3 and older).

To open the calendar, select [Song usage summary] from the [Edit:Export] menu. A dialog like this will open and the song usage information will be indexed.

The calendar shows one month at a time, but you can select a longer range to display; simply click any individual day or pick a date range from the top right buttons. If you wish, you may export this information using the [Export Data] button at lower right after you have selected the date range.

The calendar window can be resized to provide a better view.

You can also reset the Copies Printed and Copies Projected fields in an individual song. Open the song's Edit menu, and select Song Info. At the bottom next to the Copies Printed and Copies Projected counts are [x] buttons allowing you to reset these counters.

Note for users of Worship LIVE! version 6.3 and previous
: more song tracking information has been added to this version; some data will only be tracked from the point at which you installed version 6.4 or newer.

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