Recent Changes
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The following changes have been made between version 6.0 and version 6.3. They are detailed as appropriate in each section of this help file.

Announcements Changes
Added the ability to save projection formats for announcements.
Announcements now have large projection previews too.

Find Songs Changes
Added support for searching the database for songs. Look under the Find menu for this new option.
The Find Songs dialog now has "whole word" option.
The Find Songs dialog now has a column showing matches for found items.
The Find Songs functionality was improved to search ALL songs, not just the current filtered list of songs.

Library / Database Changes
Added "Change title case" feature to library window's [File:Database] submenu; this allows changing all song titles to UPPERCASE or Mixed Case with a single menu selection.
Added [Archive song] function to library window's [File] menu; this allows sending the song to an inactive folder instead of completely deleting it from disk.
Added [Open last playlist] toolbar button for easy access to most recent playlist.
Added left/right split to main library window (just click the Split button on the toolbar to cycle). Previously the window could only be split vertically.
Added transpose buttons to the main library window (see the item under the [View] menu).
Filter now includes "On playlist" as a filterable item.

Playlist Changes
Added a "loop to self" automation item.
Added a Playlist export helper dialog, to make it easier to understand the various export options.
Added ability to export a playlist to a Powerpoint presentation.
Added ability to toggle the playlist preview pane on and off when in projection mode.
Added an "auto-add to playlist" option when a song is quick-projected from the library.
Added image view of the playlist contents, so that when in projection mode you can quickly see slide thumbnails.
Added option to only show checked playlist items in the icon view.
It is now possible to adjust brightness/contrast and other details for images added to playlist.
Improved handling of playlist files when launched from the desktop.
Large-sized playlist projection previews for ALL items.
Made improvements to keypress and mouseclick navigation during projection.
MIDI control of the playlist and projection was dramatically improved.
Prevented icon (image) view with automation; you must switch back to list view since the automation uses the list and is not compatible with the icon view.
Prevented loading a new playlist while projection is open.
When playlist is closed, the complete layout, including docked controls and maximized window, is used for the next playlist.

Printout Changes
Changed the Print Preview function to make the cancel button always return to the Confirmation dialog when printing songs.
Major improvements to the Print Preview dialog, including thumbnail views of each page and quickly zoomable previews.

Projection Display Changes
Added ability to pick a separate size for projection title and footer.
Added ability to select MP4 video file types for projection and text backgrounds.
Added video playback speed change capability (feature depends on video codec capabilities; some videos do not support this).
Added visual previews of video-background items and videos on the playlist.
Can now select whether background images zoom or crop if they have a different aspect ratio from the screen.
Increased maximum projection font size to 96 points.
Added an option on the projection screen (Ctrl L) to pop up a quick playlist menu.
Minor tweaks to projection quick song find (Ctrl F) and quick key change (Ctrl K) functions.
Replaced the "Do you want this change to apply to all verses" question with a checkbox on the projection format dialog, to eliminate that repetitive question.
Item titles are now hidden when the [Show extended info] projection formatting checkbox is cleared.

Scripture Dialog Changes
Added scripture verse auto-select option (up to 5 verses). When set to more than one, when you click a single scripture verse the program will automatically select the specified number of verses. (You can then select a smaller number if you wish.)
Added scripture verse drag-select option (drag across several verse numbers to select the entire range).
Improved the Search function in the Scripture window to allow specifying different search ranges (OT, NT, Gospels, etc.).

New "Lyrics" Projection Screen
Added third-screen support for a lyrics-only window, to show lyrics to worship teams (See the monitor selection on the [Projection] tab of the preferences).
Added "send a page to the stage" function so that visual pages can be shown to either the congregation OR the stage; see the [Send Visual Page] dialog.

New "Stage Mode" on main Library window
Added "Stage mode" for on-stage use of a playlist by a worship leader. Includes touchscreen buttons for easier control on-stage, easier single-key controls, a metronome, etc. (Create a playlist and hit the F8 key to see it in action).
Added hotkeys to the stage mode; see the tooltips of the touchscreen controls: m for metronome, Left/Right/Up/Down to go between adjacent songs, Pgup/Pgdn/Home/End to scroll text, 1-9 to select song by playlist position +/- to zoom text.
Added visual metronome by toggling touchscreen control background color.
Changed the functionality of the F8 shortcut key to toggle on-off the stage mode, instead of jumping to a currently open playlist window.
Closing the playlist automatically switches back to the non-stage view.
In stage mode, the playlist order is added to song titles (e.g. "1 Amazing Grace", "2 Holy Holy Holy", etc.).
The stage mode includes an optional metronome that clicks and flashes for songs with numerical tempos assigned. It automatically tracks the currently showing song, so if you change songs the tempo also changes.
The library song preview can be zoomed using the touchscreen panel, to make small font songs easier to read.
The touchscreen panel includes a "play audio" feature in case you're using audio files like singalong trax, or karaoke, or drum loops.
When you switch to stage view, the song LIST font size is increased comparable to your preview zoom (but limited between 130% and 200%). It assumes you need at least a slightly larger font, but tries to track your zoom preference otherwise.

Server Synchronization Features
The server sync functionality was completely overhauled and major changes were made for ease of use and clarity.
Added a "Save to disk" button to the synchronization dialog, to download a playlist file to disk without opening it.
Added version checking to server sync dialog to verify that the server software version is compatible with the desktop version.
Changed server sync setup so that the main library folder or its subfolders will be the target for all downloaded songs.
Improved server sync handling of sync process interruptions.
Made the server sync dialog show local time instead of Greenwich Mean Time for files.
Server synchronize feature now properly handles daylight savings time changes.

Miscellaneous Changes
Added "Last Message Shown" function to Help menu, to re-display the last-shown popup message.
Added ability to force a registration name during projection for certain specially coded user names (specific to high-piracy locales).
Added code to detect and (if requested) fix write-protected file errors during save.
Added popup option (using Windows popup) for certain messages (see General preferences for this setting), instead of only "modal" messages that must be cleared before continuing.
Added preference to alternately shade rows on the library and playlist, for clarity.
Changed logic so audio file playback will not stop so often.
File open/save routines default to the My Documents folder, not the program folder.
Improved the internet connection features for IWillWorship and DelicateFade searches.
Major improvements to internet connecting features, including improved error handling and timeouts.
Refined the preferences to remove low-priority items and improve default selections.

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