Chord Diagrams display
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Whenever you click on a chord in Worship LIVE! (if the click-to-play option is active in the multimedia preferences) a chord will be played using the computer's audio system. The fingering for that chord can also be shown in the Chord Diagrams window.

From the main song library, select "Chord Diagrams" from the View menu. Two displays are available: guitar and piano.

Both displays have several common features.
·Quick help: click the (?) help icon for more information.  
·A Pin icon to lock the Chord Diagrams display on top of other windows  
·A Guitar/Piano toggle button  
·A hideable guitar diagram showing the fingering in a traditional diagram box  
·A text display of the currently-shown chord; click this display to play the chord again  

You can click-and-drag the mouse cursor up and down across the guitar strings to strum the notes.

You can click-and-drag the mouse cursor left-right across the piano keys to play the notes, and you can click any key to play the associated note.

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