Countdown Timers
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This timer is an essential tool if you need to display a countdown timer on a visual projection system. Rather than paying for countdown timer videos, the display is created on-the-fly, by overlaying the text onto whatever video or image background is already available. There's no more need to purchase ready-to-use countdown videos - because now ANY video or picture can be your countdown video!

·TimeToStart displays a countdown timer.  
·You can configure the time, caption, font, colors, and on-screen position of the display.  
·You can configure the timer's transparency (whether the text has a background or appears by itself).  
·You can configure the timer's translucency (whether you can partially see through the text).  
·You can configure the timer's motion (it can automatically drift around on screen).  

The following topics are available:
·Creating a timer  
·Configuring the timer  
·Other timer options  

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