Library Sorting
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Worship LIVE! always shows the list of songs in the main window. All the songs in the current database are shown here, (unless you have chosen to filter the list). This list can be sorted as you wish.

You can change the sorting method:
·from the View menu  
·clicking the header of the library column you wish to sort upon. If you click this column header again, the sort direction will be reversed.  
·Clicking Ctrl-1 thru Ctrl-5 on the keyboard. Each number brings up a different sort.  
·clicking the Sorted By status bar panel at the bottom of the screen  

The contents of the first three columns are fixed to display Title, Tempo and Key. Up to five additional columns can be selected for display or sort, by choosing "Select Columns..." from the view menu. As with the first three columns, you can click the column header to sort by any column.

You can change the width of various columns by clicking and dragging the end of a column header. The software will remember the column width according to the column name; if you change the columns, they will appear with the proper width each time.

There are two additional sorting methods that you must select from the View menu: sort by Key and then Tempo and then Title (for example, all the songs in the key of A, subsorted by tempo, then all the songs in B, etc.), or sort by Tempo and then Key and then Title (for example, all the fast songs, sorted by key, then medium, etc.). These additional sorting methods are useful for finding a song in a close key in a similar tempo - very practical for a worship leader who wants to stay in the same key for a part of the worship service.

Sorting descriptions

Title - alphabetical
Tempo - Slow, Medium or Fast, sometimes shown as S, M or F. For a numeric tempo, anything below 70 will be sorted with the Slow songs, and anything above 110 will be sorted with the Fast songs.
Key - alphabetical; A then Ab etc.
Topic - alphabetical
Comment - alphabetical
Words By
- alphabetical
Music By
- alphabetical
CCLI Number - numerical)
- alphabetical
Relative Popularity
- a numeric percentage, from 0 to 100%, based on how recently and how often a song has been printed and projected
Last Printed Date - by date
Last Projected Date
- by date
Last Modified Date
- by date
Copies Printed
- numerical; how many copies of a song have been printed since the last time this information was reset
Copies Projected
- numerical; how many copies of a song have been projected since the last time this information was reset
User Info
- 3 possible fields
Folder - alphabetical; refers to the folder in which the songs are located on disk
Multimedia - the name of the MIDI, wave, MP3 or WMA file associated with the song, if any
Automation - information about stored timing information in the song

Click on the library column headers - (marked Title, Key, Tempo etc.) to change the list sorting.  

Right-click on the library column headers to select new columns.  

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