Searching the Database
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If you want to find a song file but don't remember its details, select the Find Songs option on the Find menu. The Find Songs dialog will appear, and you can search through the current database for almost anything that Worship LIVE! knows about a song. You can specify what to search, including title, lyrics and chords, and various other song properties. Worship LIVE! displays a list of the songs it finds, and you can open the song from this list, or add it to a playlist.

If you don't get what you want on the first try, you may find that shorter search requests will work better. Try to choose short and unique search criteria. If you're looking for a song containing something about brotherly love, searching for "love" might find too many matches, but searching for "brotherly" may get you the exact song on the first try.  

Search Results
: Worship LIVE! will display a list of titles containing the search text. You can directly open a song, or add any number of songs to the playlist directly from the Search dialog.

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