DelicateFade Searches
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You can search on the website using the tool in the Worship LIVE! software. DelicateFade has an extensive user-contributed library of praise and worship choruses, but an account is required to fully search their libraries. Split Infinity Music has an agreement with DelicateFade to use the Worship LIVE! software to search the DelicateFade library directly.

Click on any item below to learn more about it.

To do a search, enter the search text and select a type of search, then click the [Search] button. If songs are found that match your criteria, their titles will be shown in the dropdown to the right of the search button. Select one, then click the [Get Contents] button to load its details.

Once you've found the song you want, clicking the [Open as Song] button will create a new song in Worship LIVE using the displayed information.

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