Changes from Version 4 to Version 5
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The following features and improvements were added to Worship LIVE! version 5.

Worship planning improvements
·There are new sorting methods on the library.  
·Song list columns can be customized.  
·The library can be filtered by any combination of song properties, allowing the worship leader to narrow down the search to find a very specific song with little effort.  
·The song search functions have been improved, and more songs can be found before the list fills up.  
·The library and the song search windows now include a "preview pane", showing the contents of the song without opening it.  
·The song chord "click to play" functions also work in the library preview pane.  
·Song properties can be edited more directly from the library, using a right-click menu option without the song opened.  
·The database can be exported to a single Rich Text file, for easy reuse with other word processing software.  
·The database information can be exported to a spreadsheet (CSV) file.  

New song features
·Three new user-defined fields are available in the song properties; the fields can be renamed to whatever is desired.  
·The metronome sound can be played using the Windows MIDI system, not just the computer speaker.  
·You can select a metronome tempo by clicking at the correct speed.  
·Song creation and modification dates are tracked and viewable.  
·Song "popularity" can be displayed and sorted, as function of how often and how recently songs have been used for both printing and projection.  

Playlist improvements
·The playlist window has been rearranged and its functionality has been improved.  
·In projection mode, there are several dockable windows, including:  
·the multimedia control  
·the Powerpoint control  
·the visual paging control  
·the Choreography control  
·the verse transitions control  
·The "single window" projection mode maximizes the playlist size and docks all the previously separate windows (visual paging, multimedia and Powerpoint).  
·It is now easier to transfer playlists between computers.  

Projection improvements
·The projection format of individual verses of a song can be customized. No more one-size-fits-all formatting.  
·When projection is launched, all the verses, images and scriptures on the playlist will be rendered right away. Although this requires a few moments to complete, it dramatically improves the speed of showing each new item, and it also allows a real-time preview of each item simply by moving the mouse over its title.  
·The customized projection format of songs can be saved with the song file, and it will be automatically formatted the next time it is added to a playlist.  
·The projection format of songs can be edited and previewed from within the song, without adding it to a playlist and projecting it.  
·A song's fully formatted and rendered projection image can be saved as an image file, for use with other software such as PowerPoint.  
·In projection mode, the "Wipe Text" button will clear the text from the display, leaving only the background image.  
·There are more ways to customize and format a projected item, including hiding various text items such as the title and footer.  
·Powerpoint projection has been improved with additional ability to preview the slide images before showing them.  

Printing improvements
·Print preview scaling has been improved for a smoother, more accurate preview at reduced zooms.  
·There are new song footer items on printouts.  
·Filters and library sorting will apply when printing out the list of song titles.  
·Previewing a playlist printout can be lengthy; this pre-build process can now be interrupted.  

Choreography feature
·Choreography is perfect for churches that depend on "canned" worship, where a live band is not an option; it's also great for running smaller services where bringing in the band is impractical.  
·Using choreography, an entire worship set can be played over the computer's audio system, and verses of the songs automatically displayed at exactly the right time. With one click, the entire worship service will be played from start to finish - and even looped if needed.  
·If a song has an associated audio file, it is possible to preselect the times at which various verses will be projected.  
·When choreography is started during projection, the audio file will be started and the verses will be displayed at the selected times.  
·Choreography actions include showing any song verse, wiping text, blanking the screen, and jumping to the previous or next song.  

Miscellaneous improvements
·A chord dictionary editor was added, so users can tweak the click-to-play chords and printed chord fingering charts.  
·Tooltips can be hidden in almost all dialogs, for a less cluttered environment for advanced users.  
·The new MIDI input features allow control of the playlist projection from a remote device, such as a keyboard or another PC.  
·All settings are backed up to a Windows Registry file every time the Worship LIVE! software is quit; this allows easy backup and restore of the settings, and facilitates computer upgrades without losing the settings.  
·It's now easier to import new songs. CCLI SongSelect files and Worship LIVE! song files can be directly imported via click-n-drag or by double-clicking them from Windows Explorer.  

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