New Features in Version 6
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The following features and improvements are new to Worship LIVE! version 6.

Version 6 brings text-over-video to Worship LIVE!, as well as adding several unique features that will significantly improve your worship planning experience.

·Streamlined installation  
·Improved "Guardian" functions to get you up and running quickly  
·User-friendly upgrade preserves many settings from older versions, for an easier transition  
·New "token" key code system for easier, simpler unlocks  
·Updated visual appearance, including color menu icons for clarity, and new XP/Vista-style button and icon images  
·Additional song sorting options and filtering in the song library view  
·Customizable tooltips for displaying selected information about song titles  
·Easier importing of songs, especially from CCLI SongSelect  

New Tools
·New Chord Diagrams fingering window with realistic keyboard and fretboard views  
·New countdown timer (no more need to buy special countdown video files!)  

Song Editing Improvements
·New song library display in the playlist window  
·"Sequence" tool in song display and printout for communicating the desired flow of a song  
·True Nashville number system compatibility  

Online Tools
·Server synchronization features let a church set up a web server to allow multiple users to synchronize their song libraries. Server contents can be viewed and edited directly from the web browser, not just the Worship LIVE! software.  

Projection Improvements
·Simpler projection formatting options  
·A "Go" button column for ONE-click projection of an item  
·Improved automation controls and capabilities  
·"Bold" shadows for improved visibility of lyrics and scripture on high-contast backgrounds  
·New "Launch background media" option to project the background image, color, or video without the text  
·Parallel-project scriptures in two versions simultaneously. Instant bi-lingual capabilities!  
·New "waterfall" transition style  
·"Project custom text" option for displaying any text, on-the-fly, without creating or saving a song  
·New ability to copy and paste projection formatting between items on the playlist  
·The visual page text can be repositioned to any spot on the screen  

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