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Welcome to Worship LIVE, the multimedia tool for worshippers.

Worship LIVE! Basics

·Worship LIVE! helps you organize, print, display, and transpose songs.  
·A song contains lyrics and chords. Worship LIVE! can transpose the chords into any key.  
·Songs are displayed in separate windows, where you can edit the song and its properties.  
·Each song is stored as a separate file.  
·Songs are stored in "databases", or collections of songs in folders.  
·"Playlists" help you select a group of songs from a database, and choose the keys in which they will be printed and displayed. You can also add scriptures and announcements to the playlist.  
·Playlists, as well as individual songs, scripture and announcements, can be displayed in a special format, the Projection view, optimized for digital projector displays and even for on-stage use with laptop computers.  

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