The Basics
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Worship LIVE! has several windows. Most have toolbars, or collections of buttons that are shortcuts to various actions available for that window.

Worship LIVE! also uses status bars at the bottom of various windows. These status bars contain useful information for that particular window. In some cases you can click or double-click on the status bar panels to activate various features.

Worship LIVE! uses ToolTips in almost all its dialog boxes and windows. If you need help with a button or control, hold the mouse cursor over it for a second, and a ToolTip should appear giving you extra information about that setting. You can disable all the tooltips from most windows in the Views preferences.

From time to time, tips will appear to give you useful hints. These tips have a checkbox labeled "Do not show this message again". If you get tired of being reminded, just check this box before clicking "OK". If you wish to see the tips again, click the Reset Tips button on the Views preferences.

Click or double-click on status bar panels for shortcuts to various actions, such as changing the sorting method, or opening a playlist. Some panels will have no actions.  
Right-click on song titles for a popup menu of various actions available for songs, such as printing, deleting or renaming.  
You can find out what various buttons do by holding the mouse pointer over the button until a tooltip appears.  

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