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ChordA chord is a written representation of a set of musical notes. When written in text format (as opposed to musical notation, or sheet music), a chord usually looks like these examples: ABmC7DsusEbF#Gdim. A chord can also indicate its "voicing" by showing which notes should be played by bass instruments or the left hand on a piano, like this: A/ECm/EbG7/D.  
TransposeTo transpose (the process of "transposition") is the process of changing the root key of a song to a different chord (also known as "modulating" when it is done in the middle of playing a song).  
Chord sheetA text-based method of displaying the lyrics and chords of a song by placing a written chord name above the syllable of the lyric where it would be played during the song  
ProjectionShowing a song, scripture or announcement in a format optimized for display on a digital projector.  
SongA single file on disk, containing header information such as title and tempo, and which includes a chord sheet rendition of a particular song. Songs are stored in files with the *.sng extension.  
DatabaseA collection of songs used by Worship LIVE. Databases are stored in files with the *.sdb extension.  
PlaylistA subset of a database, containing a set of songs, scriptures and announcements intended to be used as a group. Playlists are stored in files with the *.ppl extension.  
ScriptureThis program can select, display and project Bible verses, up to a chapter at a time.  
AnnouncementThis program can select, edit, display and project announcements. The announcements are stored separately from the songs, and can be separated into pages that are projected separately.  

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