Importing Songs
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Worship LIVE! can import songs from some other programs, including previous versions of Worship LIVE. Only text file import is supported. Worship LIVE! cannot import MIDI files, musical notation files from programs such as MusicTime or Finale, native word processing files from programs such as Word or Wordperfect, or other database programs such as FileMaker. You can also import CCLI SongSelect files!

However, most other programs can export their data files into a text format - and the program will help you import these text files. All you need to do is find a suitable export format that the program can read.

To start importing your song data, select the Import option from the main Edit menu. Please read the entire section of this help file on Importing first. You may need to provide additional information for imported songs, such as Composer, Lyricist, copyright, CCLI number, etc. Also, you will need to make sure the chords are in the correct positions over the lyrics following an import.

Now, read the following topics.

Importing Basics
Import Dialog Options
Preparing to Import
Importing Worship LIVE! and Parse Songs
Importing CCLI SongSelect files

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