Exporting From Other Software
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If your database is already on disk, converting to Worship LIVE! is easy. With some editing of whatever data is already available, this program should make the life of a worship leader much easier. If your church's music is not already on disk, then your initial data entry work will pay off very quickly.

To use a data file from another program with Worship LIVE, you need to first review the program's database format. If you currently have a database in some electronic format, converting it for Worship LIVE! to use is fairly easy with a word processing program.

Save each song as text-only, in a separate file, with the extension ".sng". Worship LIVE! does not use MIDI data, music notation, or other data. Now edit the text file (for example, with Windows Notepad) to conform with the Worship LIVE! file format. Finally, put the song in your song database folder. Then run Worship LIVE. Open the song, and you can continue editing the song there, including selecting a font, rearranging the chords, etc.

Before you import a text file, set the default font from the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog to a non-proportional font such as Courier or Lucida Console (any font where all the letters have the same widths). This way, you will not have to open each song and change its font later.  

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