Importing Worship LIVE! and Parse Songs   
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Worship LIVE! / Parse versions 2 through 5 all share the same basic file format, with some minor additions with each new version. For this reason, Worship LIVE! 5 will directly open songs from these versions without any import. You can simply copy the *.sng files into your database folder (when Worship LIVE! is not running) or you can use the Edit:Import:Worship LIVE! Song Files menu item to help you move them all at once, or individually if you wish.

NOTE: Once you have edited or printed version 2 through 4 songs in Worship LIVE! 5, you should not re-edit them in the older software, as this version adds some properties to the song files that may be lost.

You can import Parse version 1 only by importing it like any other text file. Select the database file (it will have the extension *.asc) and change the import settings to suit the file format.

Before you import a text file, set the default font from the Fonts tab of the Preferences dialog to a non-proportional font such as Courier or Lucida Console (any font where all the letters have the same widths). This way, you will not have to open each song and change its font later.  

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