Importing songs from Powerpoint files
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Song contents can be imported directly from a Powerpoint file, which will help you migrate to Worship LIVE! if you're currently using Powerpoint for projecting song lyrics. (You can only import the text on a slide - NOT the images or other contents.)

The process is as follows.

Select [Powerpoint file] from the main library [Import] submenu under the [Edit] menu.

Click the [Select PPT file] button to pick a file to import. Once it has been loaded, you will need to assign each slide to an appropriate song. Once you have properly assigned the various slides, click the [Accept and Import] button to proceed.

To assign slides to songs, you will have one of three basic setups in your Powerpoint file. Either you have one file per song, or you have many songs in a single file, either one or multiple slides per song.

If you have one file per song, click the "Assign all slides to a single song" button.

If you have multiple songs per file, you will need to select the first slide for each new song, and click the [This slide is first in a song] button. This will indent the following slides to be part of that song. If another song begins below, repeat the process until each new song has been identified. Each slide that remains left-justified will be used to create a new Worship LIVE! song file.

If you use the verse, chorus and other buttons, the song parts will be appropriately tagged when the song is imported. This is optional but will help you identify the song parts later.

The title will normally be automatically selected according to the slide contents but you may change it by clicking the button at upper right where the title is shown.

When you click the [Accept and Import] button, this dialog will remain open but one or more song files will be created and shown, containing all the song text from that you have selected for each song. If you like the results, save each new song and close the Import dialog. Or you can close the songs without saving them, and adjust the setup and try again.

In the example shown below, the 2nd and 3rd slides have been indented to show that they are part of the same song. The first item has been marked as a Verse (the [V] indication), the 2nd as some other song element, and the third as a chorus.

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