Importing songs from Word files
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Song contents can be imported directly from a Word file, which will help you migrate to Worship LIVE! if you're currently using Word for organizing song lyrics. (You can only import the text from a document - NOT the images or other contents.)

The process is as follows.

Select [Select Word files] from the main library [Import] submenu under the [Edit] menu.

If you select multiple files, each one will be loaded and added to the preview area, all in a row.

Next, find each song element you wish to highlight. You don't have to pick any, but if you don't at least select a title you will need to change the generically assigned titles later. Select the text you wish to assign, and click one of the seven colored buttons at the top of the dialog. The selected text will be marked with similarly colored highlighting. When the songs are imported, the associated text will be used to automatically populate the song properties - as much as you choose to assign.

Use the [Next Song] button to put breaks between individual song, if more than one song exists in the preview area.

Unlike the Powerpoint import function, the song text formatting like font styles and sizes (except for the colored highlighting) will be preserved when you import from Word.

Note that you may edit the text shown in the preview area as you're doing the import. You can add a tempo or key or other information you wish to assign, and then mark it so it will be captured during import.

In the example shown below, various song elements have already been highlighted, and the import is ready to begin.

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