Spell Checking
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The song and announcement windows feature a built-in spell checker, including a chord dictionary aware of most common chord names. To start spell checking a song or announcement, click the Spell check toolbar button, or select the Check Spelling option on the Format menu.

If misspellings are noted, a Check Spelling dialog will appear offering a number of options.
·Not in dictionary: shows the unknown (suspect) word.  
·Suggestions: lists possible corrections to the suspect word  
·Ignore: ignore the suspect word, marking it as acceptable  
·Ignore All: ignore this and all further occurrences of the suspect word  
·Change: change the suspect word to the selected suggestion  
·Change All: change this and all further occurrences of the suspect word to the select suggestion  
·Add: mark the suspect word as acceptable, and add it to the user dictionary so it will not be flagged any more.  
·Suggest: look for suggestions for possible corrections to the suspect word. You can edit the suspect word, and click suggest to see if a more acceptable match might be found.  
·Dictionaries: shows the contents of the user dictionary, so you can add or delete commonly used words manually.  
·Options: shows a set of options that affect how the spelling check will be conducted  
·Undo: undo the last change to the document made by the spelling check features  

If you need to edit the Spell Check options, click the Options button to customize the operation of the built-in spell checking tool. Note that this program includes many common chords in the dictionary, so spell-checking a song should not require skipping all the chords as possible misspellings.

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