Audio Files and Songs
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You can associate audio files to any song. When you do this, the program stores the filename of the audio file, not the file contents itself, inside the song file, and when you request that the audio file be played, uses Windows' own built-in multimedia capabilities to start and stop the playback.

Click the Play icon from the song view toolbar to play the selected audio file. By default, the program will play an attached audio file when you view a song. You can turn off this behaviour in the Multimedia preferences.

The playlist, song, Multimedia Control, and Projection displays all have play, pause and stop buttons.

If no audio file has been selected for a song, clicking the Play icon from the song view toolbar will show the Attach multimedia file dialog.  
Since the audio file data is not added to the song file, you should consider placing your audio files inside the same folder as the rest of your Worship LIVE! songs. The files will not be indexed when Worship LIVE! loads the database, but this will make it easier for you to keep track of the files.  

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