Multimedia Control Window
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Music files of various kinds can be associated with songs, and played back by the program as part of the song display, playlist, or projection display.

The following multimedia audio file types are supported: wave (.WAV) files, MP3 files, Windows Media Player (.WMA) files, and MIDI (.MID) files.
A list of supported multimedia video file types is here.

The Multimedia Control window is available to help control audio and video playback. Select the Multimedia Control option on the View menu of the library. If projection is open, expand the Multimedia dock to show the same controls.

Click any item for a detailed description.

The following controls are available:
·Volume control: sets the computer system volume  
·When an audio or video file is selected for playback, the following controls are available.  
·Progress bar: shows the current playback position for the file  
·Play, Pause, Stop, and Rewind buttons: allow tape-deck style control of the playback  
·Loop: causes the currently playing file to loop  
·Mute Video: causes the currently playing video to play silently (useful for video backgrounds)  

Older versions of this software showed the fingering for click-to-play chords in this window. Those functions are now located in a separate Chord Diagrams display.

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