Online Synchronization
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If you have multiple users of the Worship LIVE! software,
and you want to be able to keep all the databases
synchronized, the online "server synchronization" tool will be valuable for you.

Online synchronization is designed for churches with
- A website under the church's complete control
- Multiple users of the Worship LIVE! software
- A need to maintain a common database between the multiple users

The following topics are available:
·What online sync does  
·How it works  
·Setting it up  
·Using it  
·Manual configuration  

Notes for version 6.3: Some essential sync functions were changed from version 6.0. The software now assumes that all downloaded songs will be placed in the main library folder or its subfolders. You cannot specify another location for the downloaded songs. This reduces confusion and complexity. Also, the sync tool now displays all file time/date stamps by local PC time, and it also handles Daylight Savings Time changes automatically. Finally, the software automatically compares its own version and the server software version; the two versions must be compatible or the sync tool will refuse to work.

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