Arranging and Customizing Playlist Items
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You can rearrange the items on the playlist, customize the colors and background images of projected playlist items, and select playlist keys for the songs. You can also select items to project or skip.

·Rearranging: There are two ways to rearrange playlist items. Simply click-and-drag the items up and down the list, or select an item and click the Up and Down buttons on the playlist toolbar.  
·Selecting Keys: Select a playlist item, then either click the Transpose toolbar buttons, or select the Playlist Key option on the Playlist Item menu, and the pick the desired key from the submenu.  
·Customizing Projection: Either select the Customize Projection Format option on the Playlist menu, or click the Customize toolbar button.  
·Selecting Items to Project: To mark an item for projection, check the box next to that item. Each verse of a song or page of an announcement can be so marked. If the item is not marked, the Next and Prev projection control buttons will skip over that item, and the Cycle auto-advance feature will also skip it.  

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