Projecting Playlists
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The playlist is the heart of the Worship LIVE! projection system, which is described in more detail here. To start projecting the current playlist:
·click select the Project toolbar button  
·select the Project from Top or Project Selected Item options from the Projection menu  
·right click an item and select Project Selected Item from the popup menu.  
You can also instantly project the most recent playlist with one click on the "Instant Projection" button on the library screen.

·Project from Top: The first item on the playlist will be projected. If it contains multiple verses, the first selected item (with a check mark next to it) will be projected.  
·Project Selected Item: Whatever item is currently selected on the list of playlist items will be selected, even if it is not marked for projection.  
·Instant Projection: To load and immediately project the most recently loaded or saved playlist, click the Instant Project button on the main toolbar. This is a great way to get up and running quickly.  

You can quickly jump between playlist items with the number keys and Ctrl-number keys. 1 thru 9 jump to a verse of the currently selected song, and Ctrl-1 thru Ctrl-9 jump to that song. 0 jumps to the entire song, if the song contains more than one verse. If the Projection display is showing, these keys will cause the projection display to be updated with the selected song or verse.  

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