Projecting PowerPoint presentations
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Powerpoint presentations must be added to the playlist before they can be projected. Once on the playlist, they can be projected just like any other playlist item.

·If the projection display is not open, then select the desired presentation and click the Project toolbar button or click F12.  
·If the projection display is already open, simply double-click the desired presentation.  

Powerpoint presentations behave almost the same as any other playlist item, with a few exceptions.

·Preview images will be built when projection is activated. This may take a few moments to complete.  
·If a presentation has embedded timings and actions, you will need to enable the timings in the Powerpoint control window within the playlist for them to take place automatically. Otherwise, you will have total control over the timings, and it will NOT be automatic.  
·If the presentation does not have the focus (if you have clicked on another window), timings may not work.  
·You can click the action buttons in the Powerpoint control window to advance between presentation timings.  
·Some advanced timing items (such as embedded videos) may require you to click them with the mouse to activate them.  
·There may be small delay when you switch between Powerpoint and other types of projected items, since the Powerpoint software must be started or stopped.  

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