Previewing Printouts
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If you preview a printout, the selected pages will appear in the Print Preview window. You can zoom in or out, and scroll through the printout page by page.

Some items of interest on this preview screen:
·On the left are thumbnails of each page. Click any of these thumbnails to jump to that page.  
·In the center is the preview. You can click and drag this with the mouse to scroll through the printout.  
·At the bottom are details about the pending print process.  

On the right part of the screen:
·A [Print Now] button (does just what it sounds like)  
·The [Cancel] button will completely cancel the print process. (In older versions, the [Cancel] button would return to the print settings dialog; this function has been changed to allow you to have more control.)  
·A [Settings] button that returns to the print settings dialog  
·The [Prev] and [Next] buttons scroll page-by-page through the printout  
·The zoom slider allows you to change the scale of the preview. The [100] button resets to 100% zoom, and the [Fit] button changes the scale to fit one entire page on the screen.  

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