Projecting Web Pages
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New to version 6.4, you can add web links to the playlist, and the projection screen can directly those show web pages in a full screen/minimal controls mode.

Compatibility: The software uses Windows Internet Explorer to render and display the pages. Any site that works in IE should work in the Worship LIVE! projection display, although tabbed browsing and popup or pop-out windows are intentionally disabled so that all links remain framed in the projection display. You should preview required web pages, and if you want to navigate to a page that doesn't link properly, add it as a new link in the playlist and nagivate to it that way.

To project a web page:

Add a web link to the playlist by selecting that option from the Add menu of the playlist, or the Playlist menu of the song library. A small dialog will appear:

If you add a link to a standard YouTube or Vimeo video, you will have some additional options to enable full-screen and/or auto-playback as appropriate.

The projected webpage features a very minimal top header with a title/status bar and some useful controls: Close, "home" (go back to the initially-projected link), back and forward navigation, reload, stop loading, and add current page to the playlist. This controls are normally dimmed until you move the mouse over them, to minimize distractions to your congregation.

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