Configuring the Display
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The projection display is highly customizable. Select the Projection preferences to configure the display.

A summary of the features (more detail and a visual guide is available here):

·Enable Projection Features: If you don't want to use the features and would prefer that many of them be completely disabled or hidden, check this box. If you have not unlocked the Projection features, this box will be locked as unchecked.  
·Show Projection On: If you have multiple monitors set up, you can select which monitor will hold the Projection display.  
·Force idle Projection display to black screen: With this checked, the selected Projection monitor will be blanked whenever Worship LIVE! is the foreground application, hiding all other windows.  
·Fade to black: Allows a more graceful fade-out when Blank! is selected on the playlist display.  
·Show by verse: Defaults the playlist to marking verses of songs and pages of announcements, rather than the entire song or announcement.  
·Show CCLI Info: If a CCLI license number has been entered in the General preferences, or a song has a CCLI song number, this information will be shown at the bottom right of the Projection display, in accordance with CCLI license regulations.  
·Show header/footer lines: a solid line across the top and bottom of the projection display can be hidden or shown.  
·Hide chords: when a song is projected, the chords will not be shown.  
·Wrap text to window: When a song exceeds the width of the display, there are two possible ways to handle this. The text can either be wrapped to fit the window width (which may not be desirable for a song with chords above each line) or the font can be made smaller until the text fits the width of the display. This option toggles between those two behaviors.  
·Force lyrics to use default font: This option, and the Default Projection Font below it, select the font into which all songs, scriptures, and announcements will be forced for Projection display. If this option is not selected, the items will be shown in their natural fonts (as selected in the song or announcement editing windows, or the default scripture font).  
·Format Default Projection Display: This button brings up the Customize Projection Format dialog, where you can change how every projected item will look. You can customize individual playlist items' appearances, but this will allow you to set the defaults.  
·Visual Paging: Flash Colors: If selected, a visual page will flash alternate colors for several seconds when it first appears.  
·Visual Paging: Fly center to corner: If selected, a visual page will appear in the center of the screen, before smoothly flying to the bottom right corner, before finally sliding off screen-right. If not selected, the page appears and stays in the bottom right corner, until it smoothly slides off to the right.  

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