Projecting an Item Directly
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Songs, Scriptures and announcements can all be projected directly, without addition to a playlist, but there are some limitations on this ability.
·To show a song directly, select it in the library and hit the F12 key, or use the Selected Song option from the Project menu.  
·To show a scripture directly, open the Scripture dialog, select the desired scripture and click the red Project button.  
·To show an announcement directly, open the Announcement dialog, select the desired scripture and click the red Project button.  

Songs and announcements will initially only show their first verse or page, and the appearance cannot be customized from the defaults selected in the Projection preferences. If you need to customize the format, add it to a playlist first.

If you wish, the software can automatically add instant-projected items to a playlist. Look on the [Projection] tab of the preferences for the option titled "When song projected from library, also add to playlist". If no playlist is presently open, then a new one will be created.

Special Projection Tools for Single Monitor Use

Quick Find:

If you are using the projection tools to instant-project songs, especially on a single-monitor computer, and you want to find another song to project, hit Ctrl-F (think "find a song"), and the Find helper will appear in the lower right corner of the display:

Start typing a song title, and the list will follow your typing. Once you find the song you wish, use the cursor keys or mouse to select the appropriate title, then hit Enter or double-click the title with the mouse. The selected song will immediately be projected, just as if you had selected it for projection from the main list or the playlist. Please note that if the song has multiple verses, only the first verse will be projected.

To make the find helper disappear if you decide not to project another song, simply hit Ctrl-F again.


Similarly, you can hit Ctrl-L (think, "playList") to pop up a short summary of items on the playlist. You can pick one of these items to project it immediately.

Quick transpose:

You can also hit Ctrl-K (think, "key change") to pop up a list of keys into which you can instantly transpose the projected song.

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