Projection Keyboard Shortcuts
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All features of the projection display can be controlled from the playlist window, but a number of features are also available on the projection display itself. If the projection window is clicked with the mouse, a small toolbar with essential controls will appear. These controls mirror identical buttons on the playlist toolbar. These are available for controlling the projection display if a single-screen setup is used, such as on a laptop computer on-stage. There are also keyboard equivalents of all the buttons:

·Next Song: space bar, or page-down key  
·Prev Song: page-up key  
·Hide chords: Insert key  
·Transpose Up: right arrow  
·Transpose Down: left arrow  
·Play multimedia: F2  
·Pause multimedia: F3  
·Stop multimedia: F4  
·Close projection display: Esc key  
·Jump to a song, scripture or announcement: Ctrl-1 through Ctrl-9  
·Jump to a song or announcement page: 1 through 9 (shows the selected page of the current item)  
·Jump to the entire song or announcement: 0 (shows ALL pages of the current item)  
·Find a song to instantly project: Ctrl-F (pops up the find manager in the lower right corner)  

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