Even More Screens - the Stage Lyrics display
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Beyond even the projection features, a Stage Lyrics display screen is available.

If you have a PC with three video card outputs, you can assign a special lyrics display to the third screen. The purpose of this screen is to display information to your singers or band members, not to the main congregation. In fact, you cannot configure the Lyrics display with fancy formatting or backgrounds - only solid colors. What is shown on the Lyrics display is a function of what you show on the projection display.
·For songs, the Lyrics display will always follow the projection display - whatever verse of whatever item is showing on the main projection display will also show on the Lyrics display if it has been enabled.  
·Images and scriptures will also show on the lyrics display.  
·Videos will NOT display, only a single static frame of the video.  
·Powerpoints will not display completely - only a low-resolution, static image of each slide.  

Depending on the song and font sizes you select, the screen might look like this:

In this view, notice that the Prechorus is currently projected (and is therefore highlighted), and you'll also see parts of the verse and Chorus 1. In addition, in the upper right corner is the Lyrics screen configuration panel. Whenever you move the mouse over the lyrics screen, the Close and Configure icons will appear. Click the [Configure] icon, and the configuration panel will appear. If you don't do anything, the icons will disappear after a few seconds.

On the configuration panel, you can select the various colors and font sizes. Also, you can select how many lines from the previous and next verse to show. This can give your singers and band an idea what's coming up next.

You can also configure the lyrics display to show a real-time clock.

Sending Pages to the Stage

To help get the attention of your singers or band, the Lyrics display can show visual pages, just like the main projection display. When you open the [Show Visual Page] dialog to display a page, there is a [Send to Stage] button that will display the message ONLY to the Lyrics display. The message will remain visible until you click the [Hide Pages] button. Both the Congregation and Stage page functions use the same colors and Flash settings.

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