Visual Paging
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Visual Paging is a tool for sending quick, customizable text messages to the congregation, such as "Parent #3 to the nursery", or "A blue Ford, license 123-ABC, has lights on".

These pages can be sent from the playlist in Projection mode, or from the library:

·Playlist: with the projection display active, click the triangle next to the Visual Paging text, to expand the visual paging panel. Enter the desired text in the paging text area, and click the Page button. Or select a recently-used message from the dropdown list.  

To quickly launch a visual page, from anywhere in the program: Select Ctrl-F12 to pop up the Create Visual Page dialog.

The seven most recently sent pages will be available on the paging dropdown list on both the Projection control and the Create Visual Page, for quick and easy recall.

You can determine where the visual paging text appears on the screen. Simply click-and-drag the display (once it has stopped moving, if you selected "Fly to corner"), and this is the location to which the visual page will move if you select "Fly to corner".

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