Selecting Scriptures
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From almost anywhere in the program, you can type Ctrl-G ("Get Scripture") to pop up the Scripture Selection dialog. You can also hit F-11 to bring up the dialog for different purposes (like immediate projection of a scripture, or inserting Scripture verses into a song or announcement).

In the Scripture Selection dialog, you can find a particular scripture through several means.

·Quick Entry: simply start typing a verse reference, like this format: John 3:16-19. As you type, the selected verse will be displayed.  
·Manual Selection: click on the appropriate translation, book, chapter and verse, and the selected verse will be displayed.  
·Search: to search the Bible, click the Search icon to show (or hide) the search pane.  

Once you've found the correct verses, you have several options.

·Add to Playlist: click the Add to Playlist button to add the selected Scripture to the current playlist, or to create a new playlist if required. If the Title box includes any text, it will be used as the title on the playlist; otherwise the word "Scripture" will be used.  
·Copy: click the Copy to Clipboard icon to make the text available on the Windows clipboard.  
·Project Scripture: click the Project icon to immediately project the displayed Scripture. If the Title box includes any text, it will be used as the title on the Projection display; otherwise the title will remain blank. You can also blank the projection display with the Blank Projection icon.  
·OK: If the Scripture Selection dialog appeared because you selected Add Scripture to playlist or Project Scripture, clicking OK will perform the requested action. Otherwise, the dialog will simply close.  

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