Auto Syntax Formatting
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The text of songs can be automatically colored and formatted. Click the Auto Syntax Format option on the song Format menu. The program will evaluate the current song, and apply formatting based on the following rules.
·Colors and bold, italic and underline formatting are based on settings in the Syntax Styles preferences.  
·The Title style is applied to the first line of a song, unless it is chords or a verse marker.  
·The Headings style is based on the terms listed in the Heading Search Text list. Lines that begin with any of those terms, other than chord lines or verse markers, will be formatted as headings.  
·Any transposable lines of chords will be formatted in the Chords style.  
·All other text will be formatted in the Lyrics style.  
·You can deactivate any of these four styles by unchecking the box next to that style.  

Auto syntax formatting does NOTHING at the time a song is printed - it only changes the song formatting when you click the option from the Song menu. Whatever formatting is present in a song is what will be printed - no coloring or formatting changes are made at print time.  

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