Changing Song Properties
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You use the Change Song Information dialog to set most of the properties of each song. Select the Song Info option on the song Edit menu, or click the Change Song Information icon on the song toolbar.

Some of this information is shown only when the song is printed or projected, such as Words By, Lyrics By, CCLI Number, and Copyright Info. The comment can be optionally printed. The topic is only used to help sort songs in the library, and is never printed or projected.

The song properties are also displayed in the drop-down lists at the right of the library and song view toolbars.

Click any item for a detailed description.

The following properties can be changed from the Change Song Information dialog.

TitleThe common title of the song, freely editable  
Root KeyThe standard set of major and minor keys  
TempoSlow, Medium or Fast - or you may enter a number from 30 to 280 (beats per minute) to enable the song metronome.  
MetronomeIf you'd prefer to use a numeric tempo for this song, you can easily set it by simply tapping this button in time to the music. Using a numeric tempo (instead of Fast/Medium/Slow) will allow you to click a similar metronome on the main song window and have the computer click the tempo for you.  
TopicUseful for arranging songs in the library; freely editable  
CCLI NumberShown on printouts and projection; must be numeric. Used to help track CCLI licensing fees  
Music ByShown on printouts and projection; freely editable  
Words ByShown on printouts and projection; freely editable  
Copyright InfoShown on printouts and projection; freely editable  
CommentOnly appears on printouts; freely editable  
SequenceData which you use to communicate the flow of a song, such as Verse 1, then Chorus, then Verse 2, etc.  
Multimedia FileThe associated multimedia file for this song; only a reference to the location on disk. Click the X button to remove this association, or the Browse button to select a new file.  
FilenameThe name of the song file stored on disk. Click the Rename button to pick a new file name.  
PrintedAutomatically incremented when the song is printed; count can be reset by exporting a CCLI Year-End Summary from the main Edit menu or by clicking the Reset Printed button.  
ProjectedAutomatically incremented when the song is projected; count can be reset by exporting a CCLI Year-End Summary from the main Edit menu or by clicking the Reset Projected button.  
Set TimingsSet this song's automatic timing information. For any song with a multimedia audio file attached, you can preselect actions to occur during projection of this song. For example, you can specify times where the screen will be blanked, text removed, or various verses shown. Timings will not have any effect until you start them from the playlist projection controls.  
User Data FieldsSet this song's user-definable properties. You can enter any text you wish in the three text areas. You can change the name of these three fields by clicking the button next to them; this change will apply to the entire program, not just this song.  

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