Comparison Dialog
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The Comparing Songs dialog includes two columns, one for the songs being searched, and the other for possible matches. After the search is complete, songs that have been identified as possible matches will be shown in the left column. When you select any of these songs, the possible matches for that song will be shown in the right column. In the two bottom panes are the actual contents of the selected songs, allowing you to quickly determine whether the match is real or not.

Since both title and contents are compared, the list of matched songs on the right column include the reason for the match - either "Title" or "Contents".

If you identify a certain song that is a duplicate and you'd like to delete it, click the "Mark Song for Deletion" button underneath that song's column. When you do this, nothing is actually deleted - the title is merely changed to include ">>>DELETE<<<" at the beginning. Once you've finished identifying duplicates and you exit the Comparing Songs dialog, you can sort the songs by title and delete the songs yourself.

Some amusing "matches" will be likely if you use this tool for the entire database. The heuristic matching is fairly imprecise - it will find almost every match, but it will also find a number of false matches. The matching was deliberately skewed to find the most possible matches, at the expense of instant accuracy.  

Click any part of the dialog below for detailed information on its functions.

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