Exporting to Clipboard or Rich Text Files
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You can export a song to either the clipboard or to a Rich Text file (compatible with many word processors).

·Clipboard: to send the song to the Windows clipboard, click the Export button on the toolbar, or use the appropriate Export option on the song File menu. Please note that some email programs use HTML formatting, not true Rich Text (RTF) formatting, and pasting songs into an email may result in chord shifts and line spacing changes. If you need to do this, we suggest pasting it into a word processor first, and then copying it from there to your email program.  
·Rich Text file: to save the song as a RTF file, with formatting included, select the appropriate Export option on the song File menu. After you select a name, a new RTF file will be created, and the original song will not be affected.  

The export option does not save all the song properties; the result is very similar to a printout and includes the title, contents, comments, and copyright/composer information.

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