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Songs can be projected from the playlist, from the library, or from a song itself. These methods of projection have some minor differences.

·From the playlist: This is the preferred way of projecting a song, as it offers you the most flexibility. You have full control of the Projection display from the playlist window, including the Blank and Freeze buttons, and you can select which verses of the song to display or hide. You can even project the entire song here.  
·From the library: You can select the Project Selected Song option on the View menu to immediately project a song. This will only project the first verse of a song, not the entire song. To show the rest of the song, you'll need to add it to the playlist. This is a good way to get a song displayed quickly, such as when the worship team goes "spontaneous".  
·From the song: You can select the Test in Projection Window option on the Format menu. The entire song will be displayed, even if there are verses. This does not increment the Times Projected and Most Recently Projected counters in the song. This option is useful to help verify how the song will look when you're projecting it, without affecting the CCLI copyright license tracking.  

When a song is projected, the chords can be hidden just as in the printouts. To show or hide the chords, simply click the note icon on the playlist toolbar. This way, you can use the same songs for musician printouts, congregational lyric sheets, and digital projection. There's no need for multiple copies for different purposes.

You can customize the way a song looks on the projection display. Please refer to the Projection Customizing information for more details.

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