Transposing Songs
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A song can be quickly and easily transposed into any key by simply selecting the desired new key from the song Transpose menu. Using the Key Up or Key Down menu items or toolbar buttons, you can also change the key by one half-step at a time.

You can also simply click the key buttons across the bottom of any song:

Whenever you transpose a song, the program does the best possible job of maintaining chord spacing. Because the chords become longer or shorter (for example, A becoming Bb, or C#m becoming Fm) there may be shifting. The program rearranges the number of spaces and tabs between the chords, to try and preserve the spacing that was there originally. However, some fonts affect the program's ability to do this; for example, a monospaced font like Courier is easy for the program to adjust, but certain fonts like Arial Black are very difficult for the program to maintain, and the spacing may vary slightly. Your results may vary, and you should experiment with the fonts and transposition to find the best font for your use.

You can permanently transpose a song in the database. Simply transpose a song from the song view, and then save it.  

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