Special Tools on the Song Library screen
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The main library screen has several handy tools (new to version 6.3).

The first is a handy split screen option, which will display a preview of a song's contents without requiring you to open each song. To show the split screen, click the "Preview pane" toolbar button.

The first time you do this, the window will split horizontally to reveal the preview pane, and the next time it will split vertically. The third press will turn off the preview pane and unsplit the window.

The second handy tool on the preview pane is the transpose buttons along the bottom edge. From the preview pane, you can transpose the song immediately. This does NOT change the saved copy of the song.

When a song containing chords is showing, just like in the song window, you can click any chord to play it using your PC's audio system.

You can zoom the preview pane text by selecting [Preview Zoom] from the [View] menu. This setting will be remembered between sessions.

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