Images, videos, and PowerPoint
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Video files and PowerPoint files are handled using "external helper" programs - not by Worship LIVE! directly. For this reason, most issues with displaying videos or presentations need to be resolved outside of the Worship LIVE! program. Specifically:

·Powerpoint file support is limited to what the installed version of PowerPoint will support. This program manages the projection of the slideshows and presentations using the installed copy of PowerPoint, and therefore depends on a proper installation to function. If PowerPoint has not been installed on a computer, the PowerPoint features will not work. It is strongly recommended that Office 2000 or newer be used for these features, for the greatest compatibility.  

·Some advanced slideshow features may not function correctly using the PowerPoint remote control window from Worship LIVE!, such as various complicated animations, or starting/stopping video clips. The remote control window can only change slides and step through actions that can be controlled within Powerpoint using the up/down arrow keys, so some features may need to be controlled more directly. In this case, simply clicking with the mouse on the PowerPoint slide show (to activate that window) will allow you more control over the animations.  

·Video file support is limited to what the computer's Windows Media Player is able to open. If a video "codec" has not been installed or enabled by WMP, then Worship LIVE! will not be able to play the video either. If you can successfully open and play a video using WMP, you should also be able to play it from within the Worship LIVE! software.  

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