Unlocking Worship LIVE!
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When Worship LIVE! is first installed, it will run as a demo, with certain features disabled or restricted. When you purchase the program, you will be provided an unlock code or "key code", that is specially keyed to your user name. You can purchase two separate unlock codes, one for the main, or "basic" functions, and another for the projection features.

While Worship LIVE! is still in demo mode, each time you start the splash screen will include an unlock area. If the program is already running, select the Unlock Worship LIVE! option on the Help menu. Whenever you're ready to unlock the program, enter the user name and key code here, using the exact punctuation and capitalization as in the purchase notice. The click Unlock and the program will be immediately unlocked.

You cannot unlock the Projection features without first unlocking the basic features. To unlock the Projection features, select the Unlock Projection Features option on the Help menu. The normal unlock splash screen will appear, and you need to enter the projection unlock information. PLEASE NOTE: the unlock username may be different than the general username - be sure to double-check the information emailed to you when you purchased the program.

Be sure to print out and save your unlock information. Worship LIVE! stores this information in the Windows registry, and if you reinstall Windows, or move the program to another computer, you will have to unlock it again. Also, the saved unlock information is keyed to your computer name in the file sharing setup, so making certain uncommon changes to your Windows settings may require you to unlock again. There may be a fee charged to look up and resupply your original unlock information!

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