Server Settings
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Before you use Worship LIVE! to connect to the server, you need to give the software the information it needs to find and log in to the server software.

The dialog looks like this:

The "Server Information" field is your own website. The software does NOT run on Split Infinity Music servers - you are responsible for your own server and its configuration.

The "Editing Permission" field is the password for accessing the songs. If you are the administrator, you already will have selected two different passwords - one for read AND write access, and one for read-only access. If you are a user, you will have been given one of these passwords to enter here.

The "Song Synchronization Method" is where you select a role. Your administrator should tell you which to use; some of these roles require read/write access.

The "Your Name" field is only for the reference of other users; when you upload a song it will be tagged so that the administrator can see who submitted the most recent copy. It does not affect the song files when you download them later.

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