The Stage Mode
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When a playlist is open, there is a special view available in the Library screen. If you want to use Worship LIVE! on a laptop on the stage in real time during a set, the Stage Mode is designed for you.

Some of the special features in Stage Mode are larger fonts for the song list, easy-access buttons for navigating between songs, a zoomable preview pane, a visual and aural metronome, and a list of songs filtered to only show songs on the playlist and sorted according to playlist order.

Remember, even though the Stage Mode works with the playlist contents, this is still the Library screen - it just shows a few new buttons and adds some special keyboard shortcuts.

Accessing Stage Mode

To enter the Stage mode, use the F8 key, or select [Playlist Stage View] from the main library display or the playlist. The playlist remains open but you'll be working only with the library window at this time. If you close the playlist, the library display will change back to the normal appearance.

Ease of Access

We know that whatever instrument you're using, you probably don't have a lot of time to mouse around during a worship service. So we have added the touchscreen buttons and shortcut keys to make it easier to control the software.

Touchscreen features

Stage Mode is especially well suited for a touchscreen laptop or tablet computer. The buttons on the right side (which are optional, and can be hidden by clicking the [Hide] button and restored from the [View] menu) are deliberately large, making it easy to hit them on a touchscreen laptop/tablet. However, you may wish to leave them visible, so you can see the metronome function.


The Stage Mode has been very carefully designed to allow you to quickly and easily navigate the playlist without needing a mouse, and using the quickest of keypresses for most features.

The keypresses are completely customizable, under the [Stage Mode] tab of the preferences. A few shortcuts are "hard coded" however, and cannot be changed.
Specifically, hitting a number key (1 thru 9) jumps to that numbered song, zooming the preview uses +/- keys to zoom in and out, and the 0 key resets to 100% zoom.

If you need a quick reminder of these shortcuts, just hit the [?] button below the large buttons.


The metronome is both aural and visual. When you're viewing a song for which you've set a numeric tempo (instead of Fast, Medium or Slow), the metronome will click and also the background of the stage buttons will flash red-black-red at the same tempo (so you can avoid clicking that might be audible to the congregation).

Play Audio

If you're working with accompaniment tracks, and you've associated audio files with your songs, you can use the [Play audio] button to start and stop the audio playback.


When you enter stage mode, the song list font size will be increased. The font size will be affected by your preview pane zoom setting, so that the larger your zoom, the larger the font the next time you enter stage mode.

You can zoom the preview pane even when not in Stage Mode, by selecting the [Preview Zoom] option from the [View] menu.

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